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Saturday, 20 July 2019 22:29

The 40th General Convention of the Canadian Polish Congress

The 40th General Convention of the Canadian Polish Congress took place October 17–19, 2008, in Mississauga, Ontario. The delegates are pleased to inform the Polish community in Canada that the Convention concluded its session by setting out a direction for the Congress for the upcoming term.

The General Convention expressed high praise for the activities of the Head Executive Board and its president and Chair, Wladyslaw Lizon. It specifically acknowledged the efforts which contributed to the lifting of visas for Poles entering Canada, and the signing of bilateral agreements on such far-reaching issues as social security and youth mobility. These and other activities of the Head Executive Board significantly raised the profile of the CPC and polonia, both in Canada and Poland.

The Convention elected a new Head Executive for the 2008-2010 term. Mr. Wladyslaw Lizon was re-elected president, and Jaroslaw Nowinka of the Alberta District will serve another term as 1st Vice President.

The Council of the Congress, consisting of representatives of the nine districts as well as representatives of the Central Organizations and the Millennium Foundation, met on the eve of the General Convention and elected Jan Cytowski of the Toronto District to be its Chair.

We are confident that the newly-elected leadership of the Congress, in a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation with the entire polish community as well as its member organizations, will successfully implement the wide-ranging and ambitious plan set out by the 40th General Convention.

We wish particularly to congratulate the youth representatives who attended the Convention and shared their accomplishments to date and plans for the future. Their presentations gave us renewed confidence that the future of Canadian Polonia and polish organizations is in good and deserving hands.


The delegates thank the Mississauga District, its member organizations and especially the Polish Scouting Auxiliary Organization, for organizing and hosting such a wonderful event.

In sending sincere greetings to the entire Polish Community, we wish to express our confidence that the accomplishments of the CPC to date will result in ever greater support and engagement of all of polonia in the activities of the Congress, for the benefit of Polonia, Canada and Poland.

Delegates to the 40th General Convention of the Polish Canadian Congress

Mississauga, October 19, 2008