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Monday, 15 July 2019 16:38

Information Release of Canadian Polish Congress regarding Immigration to Canada

The Canadian Polish Congress   would like to see greater immigration from Europe to Canada, particularly of skilled workers, and has taken action to achieve this goal.


Over the past two years, the Canadian Polish Congress has lobbied the federal government to make changes to Canada’s immigration laws to improve the chances of tradespersons immigrating to Canada. We felt that many of Canada’s immigration laws, and particularly the Federal Skilled Worker Program, discouraged   many fine skilled workers (particularly skilled construction tradespersons )from considering Canada as an immigration destination.  Some changes have recently been made in Canada’s immigration laws that lead us to conclude that the federal government has been listening to us. More positive changes can still be made as the new changes are implemented.

The Canadian Polish Congress also envisions the potential of new wave of Polish immigration to Canada coming, in large part, from the Polish Diasporas living in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Where in 2003 there were only 75,000 Polish born nationals living in the UK,  the number is  now over 500,000 with the Polish language the second most spoken language in the United Kingdom. Similarly, the 2011 Irish Census showed the number of Polish  born nationals in the Republic of Ireland to exceed 125,00.00.

This human potential has also been recognized by Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, who in October 2012 was the keynote speaker at a meeting in Dublin on the subject of “Immigration to Canada” held for the Polish Diaspora and organized by the Canadian Polish Congress.   We appreciate that Minister Kenney recognizes that among the large Polish Diaspora living in the United Kingdom and Ireland there are many skilled workers with sufficient English language skills to make a positive impact on Canada’s economy as new immigrants.

The Canadian Polish Congress believes that Canada’s Polish-Canadian community   would greatly benefit from a significant increase in the immigration of Polish nationals to this country. We believe the benefits of increased immigration would be reflected in greater numbers in our parishes, Saturday language schools, scouting groups, other youth groups, and Polish-Canadian organizations including those affiliated with the Canadian Polish Congress. Such an immigration of Polish nationals will no doubt also have a positive impact on small Polish Canadian businesses such as construction contractors, restaurant owners, food stores and literally dozens of other businesses and service providers.  Undeniably, many businesses that would be positively impacted are those that provide direct services to immigrants and potential immigrants such as lawyers, certified immigration consultants, translators, real estate agents, English as a second language instructors, insurance agents and banks.

The Canadian Polish Congress is a not-for-profit organization willing to cooperate with other not-for –profit groups as well as for- profit businesses that share our goal concerning the building of Canada through immigration. To date, we have already cooperated with other Canadian ethno-cultural groups who, like us, would like to see their community’s numbers increase through immigration.  Several meeting have been organized by the Canadian Polish Congress in 2011 and 2012 bringing together members of other Canadian ethno-cultural  groups  (including Ukrainian-Canadian, Lithuanian-Canadian, and Portuguese-Canadians)   to discuss on how we might work towards increasing  European immigration to Canada. We have also supported the work of businesses abroad who  promote Canada as an immigration destination.

 The Canadian Polish Congress seeks partners of good will committed to high standards of service to prospective immigrants and those who can help new immigrants to find the opportunities that Canada can provide. We invite any organization, business, or individual who support s the Polish Canadian Congress’ vision of a new wave of immigration to help build Canada in the 21st century to write to us with your ideas and suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.