The Committee set out several objectives for the duration of their mandate in 2014-2016:

  1. Create a list of Polonia youth and young adult organisations in Canada and make it available on the CPC website: kpk.org
  2. Survey youth and young adults about their sentiments on being Polish-Canadian, the role of the Canadian Polish Congress, and the role of Polish culture in their lives
  3. Serve as a bridge for Polonia youth and young adult organizations and the CPC.
  4. Host online Youth Forum discussion meetings.
  5. Increase youth and young adult participation in the life of Polonia and the CPC.
  6. Encourage membership of youth organizations in the CPC.
  7. Create a social media (Facebook) networking group to increase awareness of Polonia projects across Canada and serve as catalyst for collaboration and the exchange of ideas.
  8. Host a concurrent youth congress at the time of the Canadian Polish Congress AGM.
  9. Create opportunities for mentorship between experienced Polonia and the younger generation.
  10. Serve as a platform that youth and adult organization can trust and turn to for help when faced with challenges.

Several of these objectives were met, some are still a work in progress. These will be discussed in more depth at the 2016 AGM in Hamilton.