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The Central and East European Council in Canada

Statement on Kremlin-Supported Efforts By Belarus to Destabilize Border with Poland,
Latvia and Lithuania
The Central and East European Council in Canada voices deep concern regarding recent
provocations manufactured by the Lukashenka Regime in Belarus – with the vocal support of
the Russian Federation – along Belarus’ border with Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.
In recent months, the Belarusian security forces have been deliberately facilitating and profiting
from the illegal smuggling of refugee claimants through its own country in a deliberate attempt to
force their illegal entry into the European Union via Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. This effort is
widely acknowledged as a political response to the support that the Belarusian opposition has
received from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the European Union as they continue to go up
against the regime’s election fraud perpetrated in the aftermath of the 2020 Belarusian
Presidential election and support free Belarusian civil society leaders, activists and journalists.
We condemn the Lukashenka regime’s escalating abuse of human rights and stand in solidarity
with our NATO allies as they face this unprecedented provocation. We also take this opportunity
to remind the Government of Canada that this effort is part of a broader plan by the Putin and
Lukashenka regimes to destabilize NATO and the European Union. We must remember that
similar provocations led to the Russian occupation of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and we,
therefore, urge our government to stand resolutely with the European Union in opposing this
latest act of aggression by the Lukashenka regime.
“We urge the Canadian government to condemn Belarus’ exploitation and weaponization of
innocent migrants, and to support our allies should they invoke NATO Article 4 consultations to
address the threat against the integrity of NATO’s borders,” said CEEC President, Marcus
Canada currently leads NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Latvia and Operation
Unifier in Ukraine.
The CEEC represents the interests of 4.5 million Canadians of Central and Eastern European
We issue this statement in coordination with our partners the Central and East European
Coalition in the United States.
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