August 1st, 2020

Ottawa, ON – 76 years ago today, brave Poles began a valiant effort lasting 63 days to ensure the freedom of their homeland. With odds stacked against them, the Polish Home Army attempted to liberate Warsaw from Nazi forces before the Red Army could enter the city to lay claim to the Polish state. The goal was to ensure Polish freedom and the idea of a democratic Polish state inspired many to risk their lives.

The Warsaw Uprising was a tragic event in many ways as these freedom fighters continued to push forward despite many setbacks. An Allied airlift mission faced obstacles in providing the Polish Home Army additional supplies. Furthermore, the Red Army also provided no assistance despite being in a logistically advantageous position.

No matter how bleak the situation seemed the Poles’ bravery never wavered. Despite the annihilation of Warsaw, leaving almost the entire city levelled. the idea of rebuilding the city and the Polish nation never died.

Combatting the Nazi forces was an act of valour that symbolizes Polish identity. Despite the tribulations faced by the Polish nation, the idea of a free homeland has been at the core of many historic uprisings, and the Warsaw uprising during World War II is a shining example of this desire for freedom.

As the Member of Parliament the Parkdale-High Park, and proud elected representative of thousands of Polish-Canadians. I would like to salute these heroes of Polish history.

Yours Truly,

Arif Virani,MP
Parkdale-High Park
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice