The following foundations are affiliated with the Canadian Polish Congress:


Charitable Foundation of the Canadian Polish Congress


KPK Charitable  FoundationThe Charitable Foundation of the Canadian Polish Congress is a registered charity that was established for the purpose of assisting the Polish Canadian community for charitable, cultural and educational activities.

The Charitable Foundation of the Canadian Polish Congress also provides medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, and senior centers in Poland.

Thousands of dollars of charitable assistance have been donated by the Charitable Foundation of the Canadian Polish Congress.

The money comes from generous individuals, fraternal organizations, veteran groups and from various campaigns. If you wish to donate please contact the Canadian Polish Congress office at 416-532-2876 or via email at

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Canadian Polish Millennium Fund


Millenium FoundationThe Canadian Polish Millennium Fund was created to commemorate the millennial anniversary of Christianity in Poland observed in 1966.  Initiated at a General Convention of representatives of the Polish community in Canada in 1960, the Fund was created by Letters Patent issued in 1964.

The goal of the Fund is to promote the Polish culture in Canada and to preserve the Polish language.  The objectives of the fund include aiding and encouraging education among people of Polish origin and descent, establishing scholarships and fellowships for students, financing the publication of scientific and literary works relating to Polish history and culture, supporting Polish schools, libraries, academic institutions, Polish Scouts and other Polish community youth organizations in Canada.

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W. Reymont Foundation


Reymont FoundationEstablished by the Polish Alliance of Canada, the W. Reymont Foundation, promotes the culture and education among the Polish population in Canada. It serves the entire Polonia. From the dawn of its activities, the most important goal of the Foundation was and still is the preservation of Polish Culture in Canada, preservation of our national heritage among the Polonia, as well as participation in the development of Canadian culture.

The Foundation realizes the difficulties that young people face in a multicultural society. Therefore, in order to arouse in them, growing and being educated here, a feeling of pride in their Polish background, the Foundation grants scholarships to students of Polish origin, organizes literary contests, gives financial help to non profit organizations, Polonia groups, schools, also sponsors many functions whose aim is to preserve and spread Polish culture and tradition in Canada.

The W. Reymont Foundation has attracted many dedicated people who in their desire to propagate Polish culture in the Canadian multicultural society, have displayed a noble, sincere and generous heart.

Just like every Polonia organization, the W. Reymont Foundation is today in need of people who are willing to give of their time and energy. Hance, we are appealing to all who have interest in the Polish youth of Canada to help them learn and maintain the culture and heritage of their ancestors. In ordre to continue the work the Foundation we need the support of willing volunteers.

The future of the Polish culture in Canada is dependent on the solidarity of the Polonia.

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Adam Mickiewicz Foundation of Canada


Adam MickiewiczFounded in 1956 to mark the centenary of the death of the renowned Polish poet, the Adam Mickiewicz Foundation in Canada was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1963. The first Board of Directors consisted of Wojciech Krajewski, Rudolf Kogler and Wladyslaw Gertler, who were the pillars of the organization for four decades.

The Foundation sponsors a wide array of cultural, scholarly and educational activities of the Polish Community in Canada such as lectures, publications and a literary competition for children attending Polish language classes, and provides scholarships to post secondary school students of Polish origin.

The Foundation is registered as charity for income tax purposes and issues official receipts for donations it receives.

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The Adam Mickiewicz Foundation of Canada
c/o 206 Beverley St.
Toronto, Ont. M5T 1Z3

Scholarship application forms are available at The submission deadline is September 15th of each calendar year


Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada



Polish HeritageThe Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada is a non-profit organization which was created in 1993 in order to receive and maintain funds for the purpose of supporting Polish culture and language.

The PHF is a registered charity which is able to issue tax receipts to donors.

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