Canadian Polish Congress and our Polish community is saddened over burned of Former Polish Catholic church in rural Saskatchewan near Redberry Lake.

Church was historic landmark and was open from 1909 to 1985.

Over a dozen Christian Churches have been set on fire or vandalized recently in Canada.

As we said in our Canadian Polish Congress Statement on July 7, 2021.

The Canadian Polish Congress has been troubled to witness the recent spate of acts of vandalism targeting Roman Catholic, and other churches across Canada – including the June 26th vandalism of a statue of Saint John Paul II statue in front of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Edmonton, AB.

Our organization stands in solidarity with Indigenous communities during this difficult time, as outlined in our statement of June 28. However, vandalizing places of worship and intimidating people of faith are never justifiable acts.

We hope that all those looking to raise awareness of the terrible legacy of residential schools seek to do so by building bridges with other communities, rather than targeting those communities out of misplaced anger