The Canadian Polish Congress (“CPC”) would like to see an increased number of Polish nationals immigrate to Canada.

Much is written in Canada’s press about our strong economy, particularly in the Western Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. One result of our economic growth is a skilled labour shortage in many parts of the country.   Canada first tries to fill these labour shortages by encouraging Canadian citizens and permanent residents to move to areas where these shortages exist. Canada also tries to educate and train its young people to fill these jobs. Despite these efforts, Canada’s labour shortages remain and the country remains committed to having large numbers of people move here to work and immigrate.    

In 2012, Canada accepted 257,515 new permanent residents and issued 213, 516 work permits to temporary foreign workers.  In 2011, only 657 Polish nationals became Canadian permanent residents and, as of December 1, 2011, there were 1397 Polish nationals holding Canadian work permits.   The Canadian Polish Congress considers these “Polish” numbers to be very low particularly given the role Polish immigrants have played in the building of our country.

Canada is a country of immigrants.  As Canadians of Polish descent, we are very proud of Canada and the opportunities it has given to us. We consider Canada to be one of the best countries in the world in which to live, work and raise a family.  There is much room in the country for increased Polish immigration.

The CPC will provide information on this web-site to Polish nationals (and useful to any potential immigrant) who would like to learn more about Canada and specifically immigrating to Canada.  We hope that it will be useful to you.



The Canadian Polish Congress works with many organizations in Canada to support the Canadian Polish Community. Part of its mandate in its constitution (par. #6) is to “Help new immigrants to integrate into life in Canada”.

Therefore, the CPC has established this page about immigration to Canada. The CPC is not responsible for, nor can it provide jobs, housing, financial aid or legal advice for new immigrants.

It will assist with links to information on Canadian immigration laws and regulations. The CPC will also provide links to job sites, Polish Parishes, organizations, schools, media, and other relevant sources. Most of the services listed on this page may be contacted directly. The CPC cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on these links.  

As time goes on we will be updating the information available on this site.